Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and this picture does just that. Desmond Tutu has always been an inspiration to us at Cape Hearing Aids. Vera has been assisting him with his hearing loss for many years.

19 Jan 2019

To whom it may concern
customer service review for Gardens Cape Hearing

Let me introduce myself as a customer who recently purchased a top-of-the-range hearing aid at Gardens Cape Hearing Aids.

I would like to say how very satisfied and happy I am with the hearing aid – in fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it has been a life-enhancing experience. As a result I have found a new enthusiasm and enjoyment of life and for the years ahead.

Much of this has been due to your really excellent staff at Gardens Cape Hearing Aids: the two audiologists, Karin Barrow and Romy Cohen, could not have been more professional and sensitive during the times they met with me.  They went to endless trouble to ensure that the results would be the very best possible and, indeed, they exceeded beyond my wildest expectations. A really big bravo to them both. Ilana van der Heever, the receptionist, too was always so encouraging and helpful and so very sympathetic in dealing with me as a customer. Indeed, you have a very fine Trio of ladies doing a fantastic job.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Gardens branch to anyone who needs to improve their hearing and looks for superb help and service. Indeed, I have already been spreading the word around.

Yours sincerely

Dr Barry Smith

About Romy – It was so impressive to work with Romy. Amazing knowlege, patience, care. I was so impressed with her wonderful way in which handled a new patient. There is so much to learn about this hearing “shock”. I am so sorry to get old! Thank you Romy for your great knowlege.

Myra Bloomberg

Dear Karin,

I was having such trouble talking to my family, especially my five-year-old daughter, that I was avoiding communicating with them.

Since you have fitted me with hearing aids, I can understand her perfectly. Thank you so much for bringing the happiness back into our family.


The service was very professional and I am extremely happy. I will definatly recomend my friends and family to make use of your services.

Patrick Nayler

Service here was absolutly amazing. Thank you so much Karin.

Sue Chaskalson

My dear dear Karin,

Thank you very much for all your kind attention and time. I am so grateful for all you have done for me. I now ask that you take care of yourself and that you find that feeling of well being.


Dear Miss Karin

Thanks – Vielen Dank for your fantastic work on my new hearing

Yours Paul W

A big shout out to Karin and Kim at Gardens Centre for going the extra mile to help my Uncle fix his hearing aid as everyone else was on leave and we were so desperate. You are absolute angels and saved their vacation. Definitely the best audiologist to go to!! Thank you Sooo Much!

Naomi Cockcroft