Hearing aid prices start at around four thousand five hundred Rands, and the price increases with added features or added connectivity.

Entry level hearing aids are a good solution for people who spend most of their time in simple environments, such as watching TV or talking to their friends or family around a dinner table.

The more sophisticated hearing aids allow for advanced features, such as:
– Directional hearing, much the way that our ears do, so that you can listen to the person that you are facing.
– Connectivity to cell phones
– Connectivity to TV
– Noise reduction
– Different setting for different environments, such as music, meeting or speech, this can be selected manually or as for state of the art hearing aids, the hearing aid changes its setting according to what it perceives the environment to be.
– Rechargeable batteries
– Remote controls

In the future it is quite conceivable that hearing aids will be able to translate from one language to another.

Even the best hearing aids will not improve your hearing to the same level as someone with good hearing. You should always try to protect your hearing, because technology cannot fix lost hearing.