Hearing Loss?

How can you tell if you or someone near you has a hearing loss? The cartoons below represent an exaggerated view of some of the ways people compensate for a hearing loss, but you may recognize a few situations as well.


Do you play your TV too load

Turning up the television or radio is a very common sign of a hearing loss. The appropriate volume may seem too loud to others.

Difficulty in noisy environments

Focusing on one speaker in a crowded or noisy environment is often especially difficult for a person with hearing loss. In a car, the engine, road or wind noise can make it hard to hear a conversation, the radio, or important traffic sounds

Other people always mumble

People with a hearing loss frequently feel that others mumble or need to repeat what they’ve said. Often, a person will hear, but not understand, what’s being said.

Social Occasions

Social occasions are often difficult for a person with hearing loss. Background noise, such as music or group conversations, can become overwhelming, making it impossible to participate in a conversation.


It’s easy to forget how much we rely on our hearing every day. Sirens, automobile horns, and other people are only a few of the things that we need to be able to hear clearly.

Public Events

In church, theaters, and auditoriums, it can be very difficult to hear a speaker’s voice. Many facilities have assistive listening devices available for those with hearing loss.

Not hearing Family & Friends

Cupping your hand behind your ear can help a little, but it’s no substitute for a properly fitted hearing instrument. And remember – a hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid in their ears.