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Cape Hearing Aids offers premium quality hearing aids from world-renowned hearing aid manufacturers. The Audiologists take various factors into consideration, in order to find the most suitable hearing aid device to improve your hearing sensitivity, stimulate hearing nerve function and ultimately provide the most benefit in your day-to-day listening environments.

There is a wide range of hearing aids available, with certainty that there is hearing aid for everyone, whether you spend most of your time in simple environments, such as watching TV or talking to your friends or family around a dinner table or if you are spending most of your time in challenging listening environments, such as large meetings or areas with louder background noise.

Many of our hearing aid options are equipped with wireless capabilities, which connects you to a world of technology functions right at your fingertips. Our Audiologists will ensure that you are fitted with a device that best suits your listening needs, with the overall aim to improve your quality of life. Our diligent follow-up care is of utmost importance in ensuring that you are entirely satisfied with your hearing device.

We always recommend a follow- up appointment to perform further programming on the hearing devices based on your feedback, to ensure that the sound quality and volume of the hearing aids suit your hearing needs and expectations. Cape Hearing Aids also offers all repairs and replacements of hearing aid accessories and parts, including annual services as well as the option to loan an available hearing aid in the interim.
Cape Hearing Aids was established in 1984
now with 7 branches all under the shadow of Table Mountain

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