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Hearing Aid Styles & Technology

Whatever your lifestyle or your individual hearing needs we have the perfect hearing aid for you.

Premium Technology

Top of the range hearing aids for both active and sedentary life styles. Premium-level technology often comes equipped with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity for settings control and to wirelessly stream music, phone calls and more directly to your hearing aids.

Advanced Technology

The ideal hearing aid for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on their active lifestyle just because of hearing loss.
Some of the features include adaptive directional microphones and automatic noise reduction.

Essential Technology

For individuals who spend a lot of time at home and enjoy having one-on-one conversations. Devices with this level of technology provide good amplification and feedback cancellation in quiet environments and in small group settings.

Hidden Technology

For those who enjoy an active and social lifestyle and prefer a more discreet option.  These hearing aids are available in all levels of technology, including the rechargeable versions.

Hearing Aid Brands

Signia Hearing AidsOticon Hearing AidsUnitron Hearing AidsPhonak Hearing AidsBeltone Hearing AidsStarkey Hearing AidsWidex Hearing Aids