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Hearing Aid Brands

Cape Hearing Aids offer premium quality hearing aids from world-renowned hearing aid manufacturers, namely: Phonak, Signia, Oticon, Widex, Starkey, Resound and  Beltone.

Digital hearing aids are made in five major styles and are categorized according to their fit on or in the ear; . Each hearing aid type has its own characteristics, benefits and problems. Generally, you would decide what type of hearing aid you would like, however the Audiologist would be able to recommend which type of aid would best suit your hearing loss. The Audiologist also takes into account various other factors, such as skin allergies, finger dexterity and the technology features of the hearing aid. 

Hearing aid technology is changing at a rapid pace, with new, more sophisticated products being added to the market every few months.

With the hundreds of hearing aids available, it is important to consider several key features to assist you and your hearing-care professional choose a hearing aid that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Hearing aid prices range between around five thousand Rands to around sixty five thousand Rands per hearing aid, depending on the technology level of the hearing aids which differ according to the available functions and features of an aid. Technology ranges from entry-level hearing aids to premium technology hearing aids. 



  • The more affordable, lower technology option
  • Good quality, basic, entry-level hearing aids that help you hear better
  • Effective in one-on-one situations, small group situations and when watching TV


  • Functions well in quiet environments, one-on-one situations, small group settings, as well as fairly noisy environments such as restaurants. Reduces background noise in relatively noisy situations such as restaurants.
  • Automatically provides more comfort in noisy environments.



  • More advanced, automatic hearing aid which can be more specifically fine-tuned for your type and configuration of hearing loss, allowing for better sound quality, and an improved ability to hear speech in noise
  • Functions well in most environments, including very noisy environments such as busy restaurants and functions.
  • Ideal for persons who have difficulty hearing in noise or difficult listening environments 

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