There are different types of ear plugs for differnt uses, for instance foam plugs will not help at all if you are using them to keep water out of your ears while swimming. If worn correctly foam plugs will protect you ears from noise, but the attenuation is not repeatable, and if the plugs move they may not provide any attenuation.

Custom earplugs for noise

These earplugs will protect your hearing even in extremely noisy enviroments. In most enviromets the user can still comunicate with
colleague without removing the earplug (as would be done with foam). The noise reduction can be tested by an audiologist, and the reduction will be repeatable each time you wear them. They will not slip out by mistake, which is a huge problem with foam or plastic plugs, specialy if you have small ear canals. They usually are connected to each other by a string that can be clipped to your clothing.

We provide 2 type of noise reducing earplugs

  • Noise-BanTM Soft is made from medical grade silicone.  Being non-obstructive to wear, with the added benefit of softer silicone material, makes comfortable to wear, especially under tight fitting helmets.
  • Noise-BanTM Detect is a custom-made hearing protection device containing an embedded metal ball that can be detected by metal scanners. Adjustable filters adapt to the noise in the environment while still allowing the wearer to communicate easily .

Custom earplugs for swimming and surfing

These earplugs will protect your ears from getting wet. They are made form a soft silicon material wich is completely waterproof. The should be brightly coloured so that they can be found easily in water or amongst your swimming kit. It is best that they are joined together as it helps with not losing them and the string can be concealed under the swimming cap.

  • We provide AquaBlock which keep ears dry while in water – ideal for swimming, water sports