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What it’s like to have a hearing loss? A typical hearing loss is very different to hearing everything softly. A person with normal hearing can hear quiet, medium and loud sounds that vary from low to high pitch with amazing clarity and definition. But when you have a hearing loss, you will most likely lose the ability to hear higher-pitched sounds, such as woman’s and children’s voices, or consonants like T, S and F. Even though you may still be able to hear strong vowel sounds such as A, E, and I, speech becomes harder to comprehend.

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If you are unsure of your hearing status, make an appointment to see one of our professional audiologists for a screening test. Screening is free for senior citizens.


  • Hearing Screening (complimentary for senior citizens)
  • Diagnostic Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Aid Assessment
  • Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Ear Wax Assessment
  • Hearing Aid adjustment and fine-tuning
  • Help on the use of your hearing aids
  • Setup and pairing of blue tooth devices
  • Tinnitus Assessment and management

  • Supply of custom earplugs, swimming plugs, musician’s plugs, sleeping plugs.
  • Servicing and repair of most brands of hearing aids and related products
  • Replacement of slim tubes, receivers, domes, filters, and batteries.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Supply and servicing of hearing assistive devices.
  • Emergency repairs or loan aids

Which of the available features available in hearing aids is important for you, what are the options and will they work for you?

Preventing hearing loss is better than trying to fix a hearing loss. If your hearing is at risk because of swimming, factory noise, biking, or being a musician, then you should try custom earplugs.

Assistive Devices - Sennheiser

If you are not ready to wear hearing aid, but have difficulty trying to hear your TV, or your music then have a look at our Assistive Devices

Your journey to better hearing starts here…

You will find lots of good information on this site, it is designed to give you the facts so that you have the knowledge that you need to find a solution to your hearing needs.

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