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The Latest Technology in Hearing Aids

At Cape Hearing Aids we believe that hearing better means living better.
Hearing loss can negatively affect your relationships, your work, your happiness and your overall health.
Take back control of your most important sense - your hearing!

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Hearing Tests 

Our qualified Audiologists will do a thorough assessment of the degree of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

Latest Technology 

We will recommend the perfect hearing aid for your individual needs, from the world's leading brands.


Never Miss Another Word

Happiness is healthy hearing! Live life to the fullest and enjoy the sounds of the world around you.

A New Era of Wearability

Don't compromise on your active lifestyle just because of hearing loss. 
The world’s first SLIM-RIC combines brilliant, award-winning design* and portable rechargeability with exchangeable receivers, the clear sound and speech understanding of the revolutionary Signia Xperience platform, and Bluetooth connectivity.